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Care That Gives You Freedom

Emergency Care

You never know when a fall or other medical emergency might occur. San Jose offers 24/7 services to help our patients no matter what time or day it is.

Individualized Care

Each of our clients has access to a care team that is dedicated to their individual needs.

Overnight Care

Many families find them-selves struggling to help their elderly loved ones live independently due to the need for nighttime care. Our caregivers work to bridge that gap and help patients feel comfortable and safe at night.

Hourly Care

Our visits can be adjusted in order to meet your needs. Regardless of the health issues you may be facing, we will be there to help whenever you need us.

Live-in Services

There’s no denying that most of our clients prefer living in the confort and safety of their own homes. Our live-in services can make that dream a reality.

Learn More About What Makes San Jose Special

Specialized Care

Alzheimer Care

Caring for alzheimers and dementia patients require special care and experience. Our caregivers are trained to conduct assessments, provide proactive care to stimulate our patient’s cognition, and medication management to mitigate negative symptoms.

Stroke Care

Patients who’ve had a stroke can face a significant reduction in their abilities. Our caregivers wrok to help our clients regain those capabilities as much as possible by coordinating with our patient’s care providers.

Parkinson’s Care

Due to the complex nature of Parkinson’s disease, each patient may face unique challenges. San Jose works to provide individual home care, including exercise and medication management.

Care for Falls

Accidents like slips and falls are one of the leading causes of death and complications for senior patients. Our caregivers work to prevent and care for the injuries that may occur in these situations.

Heart Disease

More than a quarter of all heart failure patients are rehospitalized within 30 days of their initial emergency due to medical oversight, mobility limitations, and poor nutrition. Our caregivers work to help our clients follow the treatment and dietary plans provided by their physicians to prevent the need for further hospitalizations.

Cancer Care

For those struggling with cancer, support and compassion are essential. Our caregivers work to provide emotional support for patients and their loved ones, assist with daily needs, provide transportation, help family members find downtime, and help our patients to diligently follow treatment and dietary plans provided by their physician.

What Makes Our Caregivers the Right Choic

Affordable Services

At San Jose, we know that our services won’t do any good if those who need them can’t afford our care. We work to keep our prices at the level our clients can afford.

Full Compliance

We are dedicated to fully complying with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations regarding home care.


Being able to go to doctors’ visits and manage errands is key to helping our clients maintain a good quality of life.


San Jose is dedicated to helping our clients heal and regain their abilities in the comfort of their own homes.

Prioritizing Patients

At San Jose, we put our patients before all else. This means working to improve our services to meet their ever-evolving needs.

Excellence in Care

At San Jose, we work diligently to foster a culture of excellence, efficiency, and accountability.

Focus on Needs

For those dealing with long term or chronic health issues, the needs of the patient and their loved ones change over time. We work to adjust our services to meet your specific needs.

Medication Management

One of the most important factors in recovery is the proper management of prescribed medications. We help track medication schedules, as provided by their physician.

Our highly experienced and compassionate caregiving team is looking forward to making your life easier, safer, and more comfortable!

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